Hi friend, my name is Sabrina!

I dabbled in photography during middle school, but didn't pick up another camera until the beginning of 2021! Since then, I've been having so much fun planning styled shoots, helping brides plan out their wedding photography, and taking lovely couples to pretty places so that we can capture their unique story. I am so so happy and grateful that I get to serve such genuine souls!

When I'm not taking pictures, I'm prepping to apply to grad school for psychology! OR you can also find me eating pizza, reading, baking cookies, and completely destroying my husband at Super Smash Bros.

Everything about the art-making process is very intentional, which is something that I love about it. For me, the most important part of photography is YOU. People are what breathe emotion and meaning into pictures. People inspire. People create. This is why for me it is so crucial that you and I feel comfortable together-- so that together we can capture your story in the most authentic way.

So thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the cute people I take pictures of as much as I do.