If you don't see something that fits what you want, go ahead and reach out to me so we can create a custom package that will fit your needs! Keep in mind that these prices will increase over time as I continue to invest in photography education, better gear, and as my work improves. Ultimately, I'm trying to create a better experience for YOU :)

Local Wedding PackageS

Starting at $2200

I have designed 3 wedding packages to choose from that include engagements, bridals and wedding day coverage. I LOVE booking packages like this because I get to know you guys over several sessions. Reach out for a specific quote! :)

Out-of-state wedding day coverage

Starting at $3900+

There are so many moments that go unnoticed throughout your wedding day UNLESS I'm there to capture it. There are no additional travel fees for out-of-state weddings!


Starting at $1600+

Elopements are so intimate and special. They hold a really special place in my heart because I get to spend all day with you guys in some of the most beautiful places ever. I feel like we become such great friends throughout the day, and that helps me be able to capture your love in the most authentic way. I'd love to share that with you!



I LOVE these types of sessions! Taking formal bridal photos on a day that is separate from the wedding will (1) give us more time together to get all of the timeless shots you want, (2) give you a chance to "test drive" your wedding day makeup, hair, and wardrobe, (3) it'll free up time on your wedding day so that you can focus on spending it with the people you love.



This is possibly my favorite type of session because it's where we can get the most creative! For this hour-long session we will just hang out together in a pretty place! I'll incorporate lots of movement in the prompts I give and in the end we'll capture authentic moments that you're never going to want to forget.

Bridal Boudoir


Want something fun to send to your boo as a wedding gift? Looking for an empowering confidence booster for yourself? Look no further :) I would be so stoked to get all the spicy shots of you!


Zoom call mentor session

1 hour

We can cover a variety of topics, including creative shots, posing tips, editing techniques, basic camera settings, and instagram growth strategies. Includes a personalized slideshow of the topics you want to cover in our session.


In Person mentor session

1 local styled shoot + 1 hour Q+A

I'll plan a styled shoot that matches your brand vibe with a real couple to model for us! I'll demo how to lead a session and show you my camera settings in different lighting. Afterwards we can debrief & edit together!


Shadow an entire Wedding day

4-8 hours of wedding day experience

I'll show you my approach to photographing a real wedding and answer any questions you have throughout the day. This is a great way to build your portfolio and book the weddings of your dreams!



What should I wear to our session?

DO wear warm colors and neutral tones (including black, white, or grey), textured fabric, and timeless styles.

AVOID neon colors, loud or distracting patterns, graphic tees, shirts with logos or text on them, colors that clash with your s/o's outfit. These types of pieces can be distracting when the focus of your pictures should be YOU! :)

Where are you based and do you travel?

I am based in Utah County! I would be STOKED to travel to take pictures for you! I'm totally up for an adventure, so feel free to email me through the contact page to inquire :)

Where should we take photos?

I am here to help you find places to take pictures! I dedicate time and energy towards finding FANTASTIC locations and I also know what time of day would cater to the prettiest, most flattering lighting-- all that good stuff! I would be happy to help you find a place that fits your vibe.

When will we get our photos?

Sessions are delivered in 3-4 weeks. Wedding galleries are delivered in 6-8 weeks!

Do you give out raw photos?

"RAW" photos are essentially unedited, straight-out-of-the-camera photos.

I don't give out/sell RAW photos to my clients! :) Trust me-- they look way better edited! <3