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I photographed my first wedding in June of 2021 and fell head over heels in love with love. Since then, I've invested in education, scoured the internet for the best tips, and provided myself with additional opportunities that made my business grow into what it is today.

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Online Mentor Session

1 hour video call

We can cover a variety of topics, including creative shots, posing tips, editing techniques, basic camera settings, and instagram growth strategies. Includes a personalized slideshow of the topics you want to cover in our session.


In Person Mentor Session

1 local styled shoot + 1 hour Q+A

I'll plan a styled shoot that matches your brand vibe with a real couple to model for us! I'll demo how to lead a session and show you my camera settings in different lighting. Afterwards we can debrief & edit together!


The Whole Sh'bang

1 hour mentor session
1 local styled shoot
1 hour Q&A

Let's JUMPSTART your business in a day! We'll start with a mentor session catered to your needs, followed by a styled shoot where I'll coach you. We'll edit together afterwards!


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